Educational Qualification(s):
B.S.W., College of Social Work, Nirmala Niketan, Mumbai.

Full-Time Experience: NA

Previously Associated Organisation(s):
Intern, Anubhav Mumbai
Intern, LEARN
Intern, Dignity Foundation

Significant Life, Organisational Experience(s):
During her education as a professional social worker, Mansi worked for different grassroots organisations which shaped her interests and drove her passion. While being associated with Dignity Foundation, Mansi initiated a dialogue and led client-centric need assessment to understand the gaps that induce disability in the elderly, as a result of which 70% of the beneficiaries were assisted with mobility aids.

At LEARN, as a team member, she took the role of creating inter-organisational collaboration and network. Alongside, Mansi also worked actively in incepting and organizing a social fest with 17 colleges of Mumbai, with a vision to foster positive reinforcement amongst youth for becoming changemakers in our society. Further, she has facilitated a number of workshops for over 1500 college students in Mumbai. This activity helped them develop a core understanding of their values and different methods of application, which in turn inspired Mansi to stay inclined towards the social sector.

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