Educational Qualification:
B.E., (Electronics and Telecommunication), RGIT, University of Mumbai

Full-time work experience: 3 years 3 months

Previously associated organizations:
Assistant Manager, Oriental Bank Of Commerce

Significant Life/Organizational Experience(s):
Growing up in a joint family in the suburbs of Mumbai, Monica has lived amongst everyday contradictions of the small town and megacity. The societal inequality and sheer ignorance of the privileged class towards it, which became apparent to her at a very early age, has discomforted her for a long time. She tried to bridge this gap by working at a public sector bank but later realized it was not helping her with the larger picture she had in mind - which was to try and bring humanity back to this world.

Monica has worked as a part of routine banking team, wherein she focused on educating the masses about technological advancement of the banking industry along with providing solutions to everyday exigencies. Additionally, she has handled a corporate advances portfolio of INR 1500 Crores, wherein a major part of her job was to prevent any lapses by analyzing account activities with constant vigilance.

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