Education Qualification:
B.Com (Hons.), ARSD College, University of Delhi

Full-time work experience: 10 Years 3 Months

Previous organisations associated with:
Global Knowledge Manager, Egon Zehnder
Deputy Manager, Deloitte LLP
Junior Research Analyst, McKinsey Knowledge Centre, McKinsey & Co.

Significant life, organisation experience(s):
Nancy started working at the age of 17 to support her family financially. The three years of managing both academics and full-time job made her resilient and gave her the confidence to face any challenge in life.

Her consulting career began with McKinsey, where she got the opportunity to solve client issues across diverse industries and functions, strengthening her problem solving and analytical skills. In Deloitte, the experience of working with multiple stakeholders globally developed her ability to communicate effectively with people from diverse backgrounds. In her last role at Egon Zehnder, she published white papers on organisation behavior, piquing her interest in organisation development and culture, and leadership behavior.

Nancy’s spiritual journey played an instrumental role in motivating her to work in the development sector—a sector more in line with her values. She sees herself contributing to the sector by bringing the leadership and problem-solving skills gained over ten years of her consulting career.

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