Education Qualification:

Full-time work experience: 3 years 3 months

Previous Organizations Associated with:
Young Professional, MoRD, NIRD&PR
District Program Manager, SIRD Meghalaya - DDUGKY

Significant life, organizational experience(s):
Shabong has been engaging with the community for more than 8 years. His experience with NGOs working in different sectors has shaped his view of how livelihood, governance, microfinance, and gender, etc. contribute to the development discourse. An enthusiastic individual with a thrust to excel skills and competencies. Shabong's involvement in the study of the Nepal ethnic conflict, as well as the Naga Rengma-Karbi clashes, sensitised his approach towards the development sector.

At DDUGKY, Shabong was exposed to the reality of how individuals have lost touch with their own values and beliefs. While engaging with the government sector as well as several NGOs, Shabong developed the ability to see most of the interventions made from a system lens and how both these structures approach their objectives. The potential to see things from a bird's eye view allows him to build strategies which are more inclusive and holistic in nature.

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