Education Qualification:
B.A. Political Science (Hons), St. Xavier’s College (Autonomous), University Of Calcutta

Full Time Work Experience : 10 months

Previously Associated Organisations :
Intern, West Bengal Human Rights Commission
Outreach & Education Social Worker, Calcutta Social Project
Project Lead, WallOBooks Project

Significant Life, Organisational Experience(s):
Nehal’s ambition of spearheading radical change emerges from his keen interest in the domains of Human Rights and Peace. He upholds the values of justice, courage, compassion, and agency. Having interned in the WBHRC, Nehal was instrumental in rescuing a lost Naga boy from a shelter in Howrah and reuniting him with his family.
During his time in Calcutta Social Project, Nehal was humbled by the exposure to the conditions of migrant children living in the slums and footpaths of Kolkata and got into teaching, participating in outreach programs, and also managing one of their ‘Sujog’ centers. In WallOBooks, he initiated the ‘Book or a Brick’ Campaign for discouraging child labor and encouraging quality education and community participation.Nehal’s involvement at both the grassroots and managerial levels enables him to engage with diverse communities and motivates him to further enhance his adaptability to the social sector.

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