Educational Qualification:
B. Tech. (C.S.E.), The LNM Institute of Information Technology

Full-Time Work Experience: 3 years 9 months

Previously Associated organisations :
Software Developer, Amdocs India
Intern, CAPED (Cancer Awareness Prevention and Early Detection)
Volunteer, Udaan - Ek Meetha Sapna

Significant Life, Organisational Experience(s):
With a desire to develop technological solutions and early fascination towards computers, Paresh completed his engineering and joined as a software developer in Amdocs, a market leader in telecom billing industry. At Amdocs, he created and managed software for telecom giants viz. AT&T USA and British Telecom UK.

As a part of leadership experience, Paresh worked as a mentor for Vivacity, the Annual Cultural Techno-Management Festival of LNMIIT, one of the largest festivals of India. He was also appointed general body member of the cultural committee while pursuing his graduation.

During his internship at CAPED, Paresh worked on field research, new tie-ups, project planning and implementation activities. Further, he voluntarily worked for ‘Udaan - Ek Meetha Sapna’ and helped them with formulating project reports and proposals. He was also an active member of Blossoms, Amdocs India CSR.

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