Educational Qualification(s):
MDS (Public Health Dentistry), BDS
Post Graduate Diploma in Health Economics, Health care Financing and Policy (PHFI)

Full-Time Experience: 2 years 7 months

Previously Associated Organisation(s):
Assistant Professor, MIDSR
Dentist, Happy Teeth Dental Clinic
Editorial Team Member, Palakneeti (a magazine on parenting)

Significant Life, Organisational Experience(s):
Priti has worked as a clinician and a researcher. While working as a dentist, she was disturbed by the inequality in access to basic healthcare in the country. That made her shift from private clinics to preventive and community health by pursuing a Master’s in Public Health Dentistry. During this period, she worked with varied groups like underprivileged children, jail inmates, rag pickers, mental health patients etc. She also spent a significant amount of her time in participating and conducting different research studies around healthcare including presenting & publishing research papers. As she realised the strong interlinks between sectors and the need to bridge them, she joined ISDM to find her niche.
Besides this, she has also volunteered for over 11 years with NGOs working around child development and parenting since this is an issue she feels strongly about.

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