Educational Qualification(s):
B.A.(Mathematics), Shri Dev Suman University

Full-Time Work Experience: 10 months

Previously Associated Organisation(s):
Co-Founder, Do-No Trash
Heritage Researcher Volunteer, Been There Doon That?
Volunteer, Goonj

Significant Life, Organisational Experience(s):
After her graduation, Riddhima, seeing her city’s ever-growing waste crisis co-founded a citizen’s initiative called Do-No Trash. It aimed at solving the crisis by conducting talks, workshops and events. On topics such the health impacts of plastics, importance of waste segregation and ways one can lead a zero-waste lifestyle using natural alternatives. She worked with fellow-citizens to engage with residents, schools, government authorities and other establishments. Do- No Trash today has become a citizen’s movement which has impacted more than 5000 people and still counting.

Her passion for history, art and culture lead her to become a heritage researcher and walk leader for the heritage walking group called ‘Been There Doon That’, a citizens initiative.’ It aimed at connecting Dehradun’s citizens back to their city by heritage walks and also work towards reviving the city’s built and natural heritage.

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