Educational Qualification(s):
B.Sc. Life Sciences (Prog), Gargi College, University of Delhi

Full-Time Work Experience: 2 years 9 months

Previous Associated Organisation(s):
Program Associate, Samarthan – Center for Development Support
Fellow, India Fellow Social Leadership Program
Sales & Marketing Associate,

Significant Life, Organisational Experience(s):
Sanjana started her career with a fitness start-up in Delhi “”, where she worked in the field Sales and Operations. She continued to balance her professional responsibilities with personal interest by volunteering as a “Teacher Volunteer” in Teach India in Chaawri Bazaar.

Her experience of volunteering motivates her to continue working for people and she joined Samarthan in Madhya Pradesh in 2016 as a part of  India Fellow. Working at the grassroot level helped her understand the issues of Rural India. She worked in Sehore and Barwani Districts on issues around Health, Sanitation, Education and strengthening the local governance systems by creating awareness in the communities and empowering Panchayati Raj Members. Her work helped her widen the perspectives and become empathetic.

While the journey was thoroughly enriching, Sanjana wants to broaden her understanding of the organisational systems, and explore the role of gender in governance.

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