Educational Qualification(s):
B.E. – Chemical, K.K.W.I.E.E.R, University of Pune

Full-Time Experience: 3 years 6 months

Previously Associated Organisation(s):
Partnership Development Officer, Oxfam India
Outreach Officer, Greenpeace India

Significant Life, Organisational Experience(s):
Sarvesh started his journey in development sector by working with international NGOs like Greenpeace and Oxfam. He is a fundraising professional and used to build bridges in ‘doing good’ and ‘doing business’ and believes in the power of this combination. He got the opportunity to work in multiple roles in fundraising but majorly worked in strategic corporate partnership, CSR, and event fundraising. He strongly believes in collaboration and while working for Oxfam’s flagship event Trailwalker he used to manage multiple corporate partners and around 500 volunteers for the three-day event successfully every year. Sarvesh is interested in how philanthropy/charity can solve some of the worlds biggest problems like inequality. His 3 and half years of work experience has ignited his passion for social development and management.

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