Educational Qualification(s):
B.A. Philosophy (Hons), Miranda House, University of Delhi

Full-Time Work Experience: NA

Previously Associated Organisation(s):
Ed Support Volunteer, Make a Difference
Trainee, British Council
Volunteer Teacher, Teach India

Significant Life, Organisational Experience(s):
Shreya’s journey in the development sector began when she started volunteering with Pravah Jaipur Initiative at the age of 15. Wherein she got exposed to multiple perspectives and various other platforms of leadership activities. After which she facilitated workshops like Get Real, Fly peace Campaign and Jumbish (Annual Event of Pravah). Back then she was also working with underprivileged children in providing basic education. Further, she formed her own organisation with the mission to provide financial assistance for higher education on a need basis. All of these experiences then helped her understand where her heart and soul lie and hence she could work over it at a very young age and gain more clarity.

While in college, she led various societies in different capacities. Her internship experiences with multiple organisations in the education space honed her skill set which includes critical thinking and  decision making, working with teams and organizing people.

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