Educational Qualification(s):
B.Tech in Instrumentation and Control Engineering, JNTU.

Full-time work experience:4 years 8 months

Previously Associated Organisation(s):
Fellow, Teach For India
Software Engineer, Accenture
Volunteer, Make a Difference

Significant Life, Organisational Experience(s):
Vijaya was a Java developer and managed entry level software engineers as a domain knowledge transfer engineer, working on health insurance applications for two years. She experienced Jagriti Yatra, which inspired her to work in the social sector. Later, she joined the Teach For India fellowship to explore the education sector after volunteering with MAD.

During the fellowship, she taught 150 6th and 7th grade students in a Government school in Hyderabad. She solved some of the classroom, school and community challenges through different classroom and problem-solving strategies, and designed and implemented a few projects. She encouraged peer learning system and student leadership for their independent learning and co-learning. These approaches helped the students improve both self-awareness and academics. Vijaya is an ardent quizzer that made her create exposure to the students during the fellowship. She strongly believes that working in the social sector will not just impact communities solve major social challenges but will also impact her personally and professionally.

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