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Case Studies

ISDM Case studies bring together learning insights from experiences of social purpose organisations. The case studies on specific management stands shall enable development of shared understanding, information and knowledge around diversity in challenges faced by different types of social purpose organisations as well as solutions developed by them in niche domains of practice. The case studies shall bridge the existing knowledge gap on the nuanced yet substantial difference between the usual practice of management as a discipline in the business domain and its application and learning in the Development space.

Each case study is created through extended engagement with social purpose organisations and entails a process of collation of explicit knowledge in the organisations, exploration, documentation and exchange of ideas which requires substantial investment in terms of time and commitment to producing the case study. SPOs are key partners of the ISDM Knowledge and Research Centre towards creating these case studies. The ISDM Knowledge and Research Centre seeks this commitment from SPOs before beginning the case writing process.

The support and partnership of SPOs are crucial towards creating each case study, specifically due to the nature of documentation and exchange required in the domain. These collaborations also provide the SPOs with an opportunity to highlight their learning and development experiences through the case studies produced as well as create knowledge assets for their own institutional memory and growth trajectory.

To ensure cohesion of ideas and philosophy, as well as quality of case studies and case-lets produced, each case is reviewed and approved by the Case Approval Committee constituted by the Centre. This involves a three step rigorous review process with pre-determined quality benchmarks.

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All knowledge artefacts created by this initiative shall be released by ISDM under Creative Commons Licensing type Attribution-Non Commercial 4.0 International (CC BY-NC 4.0) with due credit to authors and organisations.