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Social change requires people to change their behaviour, to modify an existing behaviour, to start doing something new or to stop doing something they were doing. Many designs for bringing about social change include activities that are intended to bring about the desired change. How can we improve the effectiveness of these designs by adopting new understanding of human behaviour emerging from behavioural economics?

We often try to create this behaviour change by ‘educating’ people or trying to convince them to change. However, new research has shown that rational communication does not work very well. A new science of behaviour change has evolved which helps ‘nudge’ people towards the desired behaviour using surprising and counter intuitive methods.

In the 2-day workshop, you will

  • learn about the principles of behavioural science;
  • see examples of the science in action in the social sector; and
  • learn the steps required to implement these principles in their work.

Who should attend

If you are a mid to senior level leader or manager in the social sector, keen to apply the principles of behavioural economics for achieving sustainable change - then this workshop is for you.

Fees (Non-residential programme):

Rs 13,500/- + GST per participant

Rs 12,000/- + GST per participant for 2 or more participants

Limited need based financial assistance available.

Date: To be Announced   

Location: Mumbai

Date: To be announced

Location: Delhi NCR

Faculty - Behaviour Change Communication for Social Change | ISDM

We will be launching phase 2 of Short Term programmes in January 2021. To know more about the programmes or to participate, please drop in a query by filling the form below.