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Systems Thinking for Social Change

Bringing about social change requires working with problems located in complex systems. Working to ‘solve’ these messy problems and creating new futures requires us to understand the system in which the issue is located. Systems thinking is a way of understanding and communicating about complex systems through the use of a variety of tools. This approach is different from the commonly applied problem-solving approach that looks at linear cause-effect relationships among variables, and focuses more on analysis of the parts rather than looking at the whole. 

Systems thinking provides you with the tools to work in complex social systems, and to drive sustainable long-term impact. It can be applied in various contexts - while designing interventions, while diagnosing and designing structures and processes in organisations, and while working with communities in participatory ways.

In the 3-day workshop, you will

  • Become familiar with the tools and methods of systems thinking that can be applied to understand the dynamics of messy real world problems;
  • Experience basic shifts from linear to non-linear thinking; from thinking in parts to thinking holistically;
  • Be able to apply foundational systems tools in complex situations.

Who should attend

If you are a mid to senior level leader or manager in the social sector, keen to take the above learnings back to your work, become a systems thinker and resolve complex social challenges - then this workshop is for you.

Fees (Non-residential programme):

Rs 17,500/- + GST per participant

Rs 16,000/- + GST per participant for 2 or more participants

Limited need based financial assistance available.

Date: to be announced

Location: Delhi NCR

Faculty - Systems Thinking for Social Change

We will be launching phase 2 of Short Term programmes in January 2021. To know more about the programmes or to participate, please drop in a query by filling the form below.