Meet Akriti Rohiwal

Akriti Rohiwal

Senior Associate, Programs, Academics

Akriti has been a passionate explorer in the Indian education space for the last 6 years, driven by a zeal for capacity-building and the role of education in creating new opportunities for all kinds of students. She has worked as a teacher, a trainer and an education consultant capable of managing classrooms, curriculums, relationships and operations across public and private education providers. Akriti has taught English & Social Science to more than 3000 students from various socio-economic backgrounds and also trained educators to improve pedagogy and curriculum design across the country.

She has worked extensively with ed-tech organizations like Harappa, Lead & the 321 Foundation to provide valuable support on state board redevelopment in Telangana and Tamil Nadu while developing meaningful relationships with important stakeholders in the education landscape. Akriti's journey through this landscape has helped her develop a rounded perspective on the needs of the hour from ground-level pedagogy implementation and resource-allocation to big picture policy changes capable of revolutionizing the Indian education sector.

In her free time, Akriti loves to explore hidden cafes, attend live concerts and occasionally follow pop-culture news.