Meet Priyanka Gupta

Priyanka Gupta

Senior Manager, Strategic Capacity Building

Priyanka brings an impressive 10+ years of experience to the realms of Education, Organization Development, and Capacity Building. Her journey in the social sector commenced through the Teach for India Fellowship, propelling her into a career dedicated to nation-building and organization development programs.
Driven by an innate thirst for knowledge and a desire to learn from industry experts and practitioners, Priyanka became a proud member of the inaugural PGP-DM cohort at ISDM.
In addition to her professional journey, Priyanka's personal passions find expression through painting, providing her with a creative outlet that beautifully complements her career. As a testament to her multidimensional persona, she effortlessly merges a decade of hands-on experience, a penchant for continuous learning, and a genuine love for artistic expression.