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Unlock Your Potential, Empower Communities: Upskill with PGP in Development Management, and Lead the Way in Transforming Lives.
Transforming Volunteers into Skilled Leaders!

Are you looking to make a difference in the world through volunteering? Take your commitment to the next level by joining our esteemed Post Graduate Program in Development Management. Immerse yourself in a comprehensive 11 months program designed to empower individuals like you with the necessary skills and knowledge for NGO management.

Listen to Akash Srivastava, Coordinator - Vimoseva, talk about his transformative journey after ISDM

Our PGP in Development Management is tailored for passionate individuals who want to upskill themselves and drive sustainable change in communities. Through this program, you will gain valuable insights into project management, fundraising strategies, policy advocacy, and much more. With experienced industry professionals as your mentors, you'll develop the leadership qualities required to make a lasting impact.

Why Choose ISDM?

Become a skilled leader who can spearhead transformative initiatives and drive positive social change. Join us and unlock a world of possibilities where your passion meets expertise, and together, we shape a better future for all.