Reimagining Management for Social Change

We are creating a generation of passionate Development Management professionals equipped with management skills, knowledge and experience for delivering social impact at scale.

Rethinking management is urgent and necessary

The Indian School of Development Management was founded on a simple but urgent premise: Management School curriculums are inadequate, and often at odds, with the needs of the social sector. There is a need to reimagine existing management principles and paradigms and build the discipline of Development Management for the sector, through the collective wisdom and experiences of sector professionals, practitioners, academia and organisations. 

Collaboration, not competition
Collaboration, not competition

Development Management’s fundamental ethos is about collaboration, and freely sharing knowledge to enable social change.

Reimagining the bottom line
Reimagining the bottom line

Thinking beyond generating profits and shareholder value through a holistic approach to long-term value creation for a wide set of stakeholders.

Beyond business metrics
Beyond business metrics

Cost efficiency, productivity and other business metrics need to exist alongside equity, justice and dignity to generate true social impact.

Development Management
Development Management

A unique discipline for the social sector

We are building for a better tomorrow

Post Graduate Program in Development Management (PGP-DM)
Post Graduate Program in Development Management (PGP-DM)
Post Graduate Program in Development Management (PGP-DM)

ISDM's flagship 11 month program to create a cadre of young management professionals for the social sector

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Study with India’s brightest minds at ISDM for a leadership career in the social sector

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A program for young leaders who want to work towards making a difference on a larger scale

Strategic Capacity Building
Strategic Capacity Building
Strategic Capacity Building

The Strategic Capacity Building (SCB) vertical works with SPOs,corporates and government to capacitate them, optimally utilize their resources and catalyze the much-desired change in social space


We engage with our key stakeholders through:
Open programs | Custom Learning & Organization Development solutions | Digital solutions | Advisory services for Impact Assessment

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Women on Boards Program is a flagship program under SCB with an endeavour to provide opportunities to women professionals to become a part of social change in India

Global Knowledge Hub
Global Knowledge Hub
Global Knowledge Hub

ISDM's Global Knowledge Hub collates, curates, applies and disseminates contextual knowledge on Development Management

Global Knowledge Hub

The Global Knowledge Hub aims to build and strengthen the knowledge and practice of Development Management

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Global Knowledge Hub has collaboratively incubated three Centres of Excellence (COE) and projects, each

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An ecosystem of change

ISDM, Dasra and Governance Counts conclude second cohort of Women on Boards program

ISDM, in partnership with Dasra and Governance Counts, is running the ‘Women on Boards’ program. This program is designed for working women professionals who are aspiring towards serving in a Board role. The program recently graduated the second cohort and is midway through the third cohort

NatWest Group India shakes hands with Indian School of Development Management

As a Founding Patron of ISDM, NatWest Group India is deeply invested in nurturing talent to positively contribute to India's development needs and has been a key partner with ISDM in enabling the consolidation, expansion and growth of ISDM's flagship Post Graduate Program in Development Management

'Leadership for Tomorrow' - Citibank NA and ISDM are collaborating to nurture leaders for the social sector

As part of one of their 'Leadership for Tomorrow' initiatives, the group chose to invest in our core areas of work – nurturing talent (Post Graduate Program in Development Management), knowledge creation (Global Knowledge Hub) and capacity building (Strategic Capacity Building programs)

ATE Chandra Foundation extends its support to ISDM

ATE Chandra Foundation has extended its support by providing a revolving working capital fund to support students to pay their fees towards the PGP DM program over a period of two to three years after they graduate

What people say about ISDM

Monica Chauhan

Class of 2018-19

In a lot of ways, my year at ISDM has put me on a lifelong learning path to understand how different lenses in society can be connected to bring about sustainable social change.

ISDM Testimonial
Lopamudra Sanyal

Associate Director, Dissemination and Publication Centre

The diversity of backgrounds and profiles of team members makes working here so interesting. The organisation has been investing a lot of effort to ensure a positive culture and people-centric policies.

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