Our People

People at ISDM are from diverse backgrounds and with vast interdisciplinary
experience in management as well as development. We work with thought
leaders and influencers from the industry to nurture a collaborative ecosystem for Development Management.


Co-founded by Ravi Sreedharan, Sharad Agarwal, Gaurav Shah and Suparna Diwakar, ISDM is a not-for-profit Section-8 company with audacious aspirations to build this incredible institution and an enabling ecosystem to achieve impact at scale for the sector and society.

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ISDM students are exposed to thought leaders and influencers from the industry, and people with wide and varied profiles and have the unique opportunity of interacting and working with them at ISDM.

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At ISDM, we have some of the best minds to achieve our collective vision. We work relentlessly to create a work place culture based on respect, equity, compassion and integrity within the organisation across various teams and verticals.

Meet The Team
Our People Team


We are privilged to be guided by sectoral leaders and influencers in our journey to create a vibrant and catalytic ecosystem for Development Management and Leadership in India.

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