Strategic Capacity Building

Building Capabilities in Leadership and Management

The Strategic Capacity Building vertical at ISDM aims at bridging the gap
between the leadership's talent and skills that the social sector currently
has, and what it deserves to be.

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SCB - Mission Section

Our Mission

Catalyzing the impact of the development sector by:

  • Contributing to its human capital
  • Building capacities in leadership and management.

We are a mission-driven team focussed on capacity development of institutions and individuals by bridging the gap between knowledge and practices of development management and enabling sustainable impact at scale.

About Us

SCB contributes to Social Purpose organizations, Government administration, Corporate industries, Academia, Research and Media by:

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Building The Functional, Behavioral And Domain Related Foundational Capabilities

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Providing Support Towards Building Responsive Governance And Accountability Structures

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Building Capacity For Sustainability And Institutional Resilience.

Our Offerings

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Professional Development Programs

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Immersive competency development programs to enhance the knowledge, skills, and abilities of individuals in their professional roles to help achieve individual and organizational goals

Custom Solutions

Custom Solutions

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Curated ready to deliver programs to address skills competencies needed for Talent Management & Organization Development and for Partner Capacity Building

Digital Solutions

Digital Solutions

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Curated open, easy to access, multi-lingual digital learning resources repository across organisation development capabilities

Impact Assessment Solutions

Impact Assessment Solutions

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Co-design Impact Measurement framework with partners to measure impact of capacity building programs on projects and communities

Our Approach


Engage with stakeholders across Samaj-Sarkar-Bazar


Needs Assessment & Diagnostics for building strategic capacity of individuals and SPOs


Analyze & Design Solutions based on the Needs Assessment


Blended Delivery of Solutions for effective capacity building


Building a Learning Community to enable social learning


Evaluate outputs, Outcomes, Impact to drive execution excellence

Our Partnerships

Key Messages

Photo of Bala subrahmanyam

Member-HR, Capacity Building Commission, Govt. of India

I don't even say development management knowledge is to be reserved to only one sector but everybody in the space of human development and societal progress must know and understand this. That’s how development management oriented capacity building solutions can cater to state, market and society.

Photo of A.K Shiva Kumar
- Prof. A.K Shiva Kumar

Economist & Ex-National Advisory Council Member to the Prime Minister, India

ISDM’s recent efforts at promoting development management among mid-career professionals are laudable. Orienting managers to the complexities of the sector and realigning their skills to better serve the interests of disadvantaged communities can contribute significantly to accelerating India’s development.

Are you on a quest to revolutionize the social sector?

Reach out to us for partnerships, internships, conversations and more on: [email protected]

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