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Placements at ISDM

At ISDM we provide 100% placement assistance with a student-centric approach. Throughout the year, our students engage in insightful conversations with the placement team, sharing valuable information that allows us to comprehend their preferences. This ongoing dialogue enables us better to understand their inclinations towards specific roles and organisations.

Placement Process

Career guidance and support

Placement Support at ISDM

ISDM has a dedicated cadre of professionals that offer students guidance throughout the program, and even after they complete their courses. ISDM aspires to cultivate & share a space based on empathy, non-judgement and co-learning wherein peers, bricoleurs, program & even non-program team members at ISDM are always available & proactive in sharing their insights & inputs for the students through the course of their reflective journeys at ISDM. Additionally, ISDM also has an in-house placement cell that has multiple facets to it. The cell has been, by design, created to offer a comprehensive support ecosystem to the members of the cohort.

career support

CEO Talk: At ISDM, CEO Talks offers a special chance for aspiring development professionals to connect with industry leaders. More than just discussing achievements, these talks delve into personal journeys, sector insights, and the mindset behind their roles in the development sector. For ISDM students, it's more than a lecture series; it's a rare opportunity for unfiltered Q&A sessions with these experts. Discussions cover topics like participatory regulation and the core of dignified survival.

CV & Cover Letter
During these sessions, students receive detailed instructions on crafting effective cover letters and refining their CV drafts. The speaker breaks down the process, offering practical tips and examples to help students understand how to tailor their documents to different job opportunities. Additionally, students learn about the significance of utilizing platforms like LinkedIn to showcase their skills and experiences to potential employers.

Mock HR Interview Session

Mock HR Interview Session: These mock interviews are tailored to each student's preference for specific roles within the sector. During these sessions, students are given a simulated environment where they can test their interview skills in various areas, including strategy and governance, program management, consulting, monitoring and evaluation, and more.

Writing in the Discipline: During the program at ISDM, students engage in a series of writing exercises aimed at honing their professional skills in the development sector. Each term, students tackle various types of writing assignments, such as district profiles, fundraising grant proposals, opinion articles, and more.

Writing in the Discipline
Salary Negotiation & Offer Letter Decoding

Salary Negotiation & Offer Letter Decoding : The Director of the People's Management team at ISDM dedicates time to conducting individual sessions for each batch of students. These sessions specifically cover the intricacies of salary negotiation, providing in-depth explanations of various terms and conditions typically found in offer letters. Moreover, during these sessions, the speaker proactively addresses any questions or concerns raised by cohort members. This interactive approach ensures that students receive personalized guidance and have their queries addressed promptly.

Mentorship Guidance from Sector Stalwarts: Through a meticulous process, each student is carefully matched with a mentor who possesses extensive experience and knowledge in their respective field. The selection of mentors is based on the preferences shared by students with the program and placement teams. These preferences could include specific areas of interest, career aspirations, or desired skills to develop.

Mentorship Guidance from Sector Stalwarts

Previous Placements Overview

ISDM has won several accolades and is a preferred pick for recruiters to hire skilled professional talent for the social sector. More than 330 of our alumni are working in the sector and making a significant contribution in organisations working in the areas of education, healthcare, water and sanitation, women empowerment, child development, livelihoods, skill development etc.

Job roles of ISDM Students
Job roles of ISDM Students

Students at ISDM have access to a range of unique and diverse career opportunities from Indian and global social purpose organisations within thematic areas ranging from health and education to water, sanitation and gender, and in research and advocacy. ISDM's collaborations and partnerships with a wide range of such organisations ensure that students are placed to make a meaningful contribution to the development sector.

Placement Overview 2022-23

ISDM has partnered with more than 300 social purpose organisations for placements. Organisations like ICICI Foundation, CSRBox, Dr. Reddyʼs Foundation, Pi Jam, The Antara Foundation, Thinkthrough Consulting, Samhita, LetsLocalise, Swasti, Reliance Foundation, Bharti Foundation, Lend A Hand India, Sewa Bharat, Gram Vikas, WOTR, Lighthouse Communities Foundation, Save the Children, Live to Love, Mantra4Change, CARE India, Peepul, Collective Good Foundation, PRADAN, etc. participated and recruited students from ISDM.

Placement Overview 2021-22

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