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Career and Guidance

The students of our programs are well prepared to take on various roles in social purpose organisations, start their own for-impact organisations, and in time, take on senior leadership and management responsibilities. Our learning programs empower Development Managers to synergise Samaaj, Sarkaar and Bazaar in framing their responses to development-related challenges.

Placements at ISDM

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ISDM Career Support

Career and Guidance Office

The Career and Guidance Office at ISDM guides students in making their career choices across different sectors. The entire placement process is designed and executed by the Career and Guidance Office along with members of the Students Placement Committee. ISDM has a robust placement process in place and ensures reaching out to and inviting multiple organisations from across the spectrum to participate in the placement rounds every year.

career support
Workshops/Support provided

The Career and Guidance Office also arranges for various sessions to help students prepare for placements:


CEOTalks@ISDM: The objective of this session is for the students to interact with seasoned leaders from the social sector and learn from their personal and professional journey. Many of our students have gained valuable insights from these leaders to begin their careers in the development sector.

Cover Letter and CV Writing
This workshop helps students create up-to-date, concise cover letters and CVs. Students are guided to prepare professional CVs that represent their skills, knowledge and education that are relevant to the roles that they are applying for.

Cover Letter and CV Writing

Mock Interviews: These workshops provide students with an opportunity to reflect on their verbal and non-verbal communication skills. It also allows students to get a chance to make mistakes and work on improving them in a safe environment.

Writing in the Discipline: It focuses on equipping students with the skills to communicate effectively (write, tell and present) with a clear demonstration of the characteristics of the development sector. This includes using a language that is specific and appropriate to the development sector, including the right choice of words and a tone that recognises the complex nature of social change and the emergent nature of the work.

Writing in the Discipline

Previous Placements Overview

ISDM has won several accolades and is a preferred pick for recruiters to hire skilled professional talent for the social sector. More than 250 of our alumni are working in the sector and making a significant contribution in organisations working in the areas of education, healthcare, water and sanitation, women empowerment, child development, livelihoods, skill development etc.

Job roles of ISDM Students
Job roles of ISDM Students

Students at ISDM have access to a range of unique and diverse career opportunities from Indian and global social purpose organisations within thematic areas ranging from health and education to water, sanitation and gender, and in research and advocacy. ISDM's collaborations and partnerships with a wide range of such organisations ensure that students are placed to make a meaningful contribution to the development sector.

Placement Overview 2021-22

200+ organisations shared approximately 320+ roles for the batch of 39 students. Organisations like ICICI Foundation, CSRBox, Dr. Reddyʼs Foundation, Pi Jam, The Antara Foundation, Thinkthrough Consulting, Samhita, LetsLocalise, Swasti, Reliance Foundation, Bharti Foundation, Lend A Hand India, Sewa Bharat, Gram Vikas, Teach for India, Lighthouse Communities Foundation, Save the Children, Live to Love, Mantra4Change, CARE India, Peepul, Collective Good Foundation, PRADAN, etc. participated and recruited students from ISDM.

Placement Overview 2021-22

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