Centre for Good Governance

SPOs need good governance to become more effective at what they do. The Centre for Good Governance (CFGG) will inspire higher standards for governance. It will focus on building stronger boards through building capacity to engage expertise needed for good governance.


A sector that is governed effectively and efficiently.



Capacity building

Workshops and cohort based learning for CEO, founders and Board members of SPOs on how to create and engage stronger Boards (advisory and legal)

Knowledge building

Continuous research on aspects of governance to build the narrative for good practice , develop actionable strategies to improve the quality of boards. Webinars and round table discussions will enable increased awareness

Developing board talent

Cohort based programmes for existing and potential Board members to improve their knowledge and skills on how to govern better. The Women on Boards initiative specifically will focus on building diversity on boards . Other cohort based programmes will focus on functional expertise on boards being made available for SPOs

Alumni engagement

Working closely with the alumni of the women on boards programme to ensure that their engagement with the sector is continuous and deeper. Events and programme are designed to enable the alumni to engage with SPOs in a planned and continual manner


Our Values



Lead by action

Lead by action



Where CFGG comes in

In India, Social Purpose Organisations (SPOs) must have a governance body ensuring compliance. But effective governance extends beyond mere compliance, it is crucial in enabling an organization to achieve its mission in more effective and efficient ways if carried out prudently.

A study conducted by ISDM in 2023, involving 116 organizations, provided below valuable insights into the effectiveness of Boards -

  • 43% reported their Boards as somewhat effective, while 23% deemed them ineffective
  • 54% acknowledged the critical role of Boards in supporting organizations
  • 36% stated Board members were chosen by the Founder alone, and 37% by the Board in consultation with the Founder
  • Top motivations for joining Boards included strong relationships, with competency being a secondary factor

Hence, influenced by both the study's outcomes and the achievements of the Women on Boards program during 2022-23, ISDM has established its Centre for Good Governance to address the need for robust and effective governance.

Where CFGG comes in

Key Stakeholders

  • Social Purpose Organisations (SPOs)

    Social Purpose Organisations (SPOs)

  • Existing and potential Board members

    Existing and potential Board members



Effective Boards
Effective Organisations

  • ISDM
  • Dasra
  • Governance Counts

Insights from Over 100 Social Purpose Organisations


Pallavi T Madhok
Pallavi T Madhok

Women’s World Banking
Head of Advisory Services-India


The program is a strong recommendation for the women leaders of India


Tech Mahindra
Sr. Vice President and Global Head Consulting and Digital Services Sector- Corporate


Kudos to the team who put together a diverse cohort of supportive women for a transformative learning experience.

Gagandeep Kaur
Gagandeep Kaur

Precision Development
Head of Programs


ISDM’s WOB program has stepped in at the right time to counter the lack of Gender diversity in the boardrooms.

Deeksha Punia
Deeksha Punia

Director- People Management


You don’t want to miss this opportunity to interact with a diverse set of women with a common goal

Amrita Sabnavis
Amrita Sabnavis

Mann Deshi Foundation
Chief Strategy Officer


Women on Boards Program has been significant as this gives me the tools and skill sets that are required to be able to function effectively. This program has trained me to understand the difference between actually doing and facilitating


If you would like to collaborate with us to explore robust ecosystems that foster good governance for the SPOs and the communities they serve, please reach out to us at:
[email protected].

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