The ISDM Knowledge and Research Centre aims to bring together a database of case studies and case-lets which enables leaders and managers to learn from the exemplar work done by institutions, networks, practitioners and actors in a form that is conducive to learning and furthering practice of existing and new models of excellence in the social impact sector.

ISDM also aims to disseminate these knowledge assets for wider use by other institutions and organisations in our effort to build a robust knowledge common(s) for enhanced DM practice. The cases shall permit institutions like ISDM to engage holistically with pedagogic pieces grounded in field reality and rich experience of the Social Sector. The case studies and case-lets shall,

  • Enable foundational learning for development leaders and managers which permits them to gain requisite knowledge, skills and ability to integrate management practices in universal human values of compassion, fairness, equality; and a vision for society that could be democratic, secular, with freedom, liberty and fraternity.
  • Deepen the learner's ability to critically engage with experiences of other organisations and leaders and learn to apply appropriately in their respective contexts, informed by an understanding of the systems within which they are located.
  • Bring together tacit and explicit knowledge on leadership and management practices with organisations and practitioners for teaching and learning purposes
  • Bring together stimulating knowledge pieces which support DM learning pedagogies as well as create relevant knowledge artefacts towards a grounded approach to defining the domain of Development Management
  • Facilitate a holistic understanding of complexities and challenges that practitioners / leaders face while engaging with Development issues.
  • Enable learners to learn, engage, critique organisational practice; to abstract from praxis, and to reflect on frameworks and concepts relevant & context appropriate for leadership and management practice in Social Purpose Organisations (SPOs).
  • Enable other academic institutions and learning program¬†through a rich repository of teaching-learning resources

All knowledge artefacts created by this initiative shall be released by ISDM under Creative Commons Licensing type Attribution-Non Commercial 4.0 International (CC BY-NC 4.0) with due credit to authors and organisations.

Case Studies

ISDM Case studies bring together learning insights from experiences of social purpose organisations which will bridge existing knowledge gap on the nuanced difference between the usual practice of management as a discipline in the business domain and its application and learning in the Development space.

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ISDM Case-lets are short audio-visual and written resources which enables educators and learners to gain deep insights into Development Management practices in organisational contexts.

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Role Models

The role model series by the ISDM Knowledge and Research Centre brings together learning insights from professional biographies of leaders and managers who have set exemplary practice benchmarks in specific domains of their work.

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