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ISDM Resource book series



The ISDM Knowledge and Resource Centre is developing a series of resource books on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that facilitate a systems perspective on engaging with Agenda 2030 in India. Agenda 2030 and the global commitment towards 'No one left behind' provides us the opportunity to engage with the interconnectedness of all the goals and accords priorities for all of us to work towards a shared vision. An informed exploration of interconnected nature of targets and indicators allows the reader to engage with a more robust and wholistic frame for designing and supporting projects, programmes and organisational strategies of intervention in the social sector.




The ISDM Resource Book series is a comprehensive resource collective on different domains of work within the Indian social sector. The series will look individually at each of the 17 SDGs, India's current status with respect to these, and presents an analysis of an SPOs work in a specific domain impacts the SDG targets in the context of immediate and wider development ecosystem.

The resource books will ultimately present exemplary cases of practices within the sector for a grounded engagement with Agenda 2030 purpose and targets by SPO leaders, practitioners and funders.