Catalysts For Social Change

November 15, 2019

Development issues are uniquely non-linear and complex, often inextricably interconnected in a myriad ways. Development sector professionals require the innate ability to navigate these complexities and processes, sometimes across geographies and cultural contexts. For social impact organisations, equitable and sustainable social change entails grappling with well-entrenched systemic and cultural issues. 

The impact, sustainability and scalability of development sector work requires leaders who can respond to context-specific needs. Development Management emanates from the need for a trans-disciplinary body of knowledge that is derived from Universal Human Values and cognisant of the need for systems thinking, collaboration, equity, participative processes towards development of all beings and the planet. It is in this context that ISDM aims to develop a cadre of reflective professionals, equipped to take on Leadership and Management roles in the development sector, who will impact the sector in meaningful ways.

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