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Baba Prasad


Prof. Baba Prasad is a leading thinker, author, and public speaker in the areas of leadership, strategy, and innovation in fast-changing environments. The question "How can we connect human intelligence to business agility or organizational agility?" led to many years of his research at some of the world’s leading B-schools —Wharton, Purdue & University of Minnesota. His path-breaking book, Nimble: Make Yourself and Your Company Resilient in the Age of Constant Change ( emerged out of this research.  


Prof. Prasad’s ideas have been praised by business thinkers like Adam Grant, Don Tapscott, Dan Pink, Tom Rath, and Vijay Govindarajan as well as by CEOs like Brad Smith, Frans van Houten, Frank D’Souza, and John Replogle. His framework of five agilities—analytical, operational, inventive, communicative, and visionary—along with his proprietary agilities assessment tool has created a new paradigm that bridges personal leadership and business strategy in an era of turbulence.

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