Current Research Projects

Talent Management in Indian Social Sector

The research shall enable SPOs, philanthropists, foundations and the talent ecosystem to attract,& develop organisational talent to impact sustainable, scalable solutions for social transformation.

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ISDM Resource Book Series

The Resource Books will be a series of resource books on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that facilitate a systems perspective on engaging with Agenda 2030 in India.

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Longitudinal Study with ISDM Alumni

The Longitudinal Study with ISDM alumni will help unfold the impact trajectories of leaders having gone through transformative learning experiences in early years of their engagement with the sector akin to that of the PGP-DL.

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Wellbeing in HEIs

ISDM's engagement in the Wellbeing in HEIs project is contributing towards building institutional and pedagogical prototypes of how higher education initiatives can cultivate a culture that is more human-centered grounded in foundational values of equity and compassion.

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Dipstick study
Dipstick study: Identifying gaps in Management Practices in the Social Impact Sector

There has been a growing consensus around the need for developing and promoting essential management practices within organizations in the development ecosystem.

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