Research Resources

Realising India Series

The Realising India series captures secondary literature review together with the lived experiences and immersion of students gained during the Realising India immersion. This compilation also has reflective stories from the districts.

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SIM: Leadership development in Indian social sector

The SIM report provides an analysis of competencies, skills, and knowledge areas that leaders from the social sector deem important and those they actively seek to develop in order to lead effectively for the present and future.

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ISDM Working Paper Series

The Working Paper Series brings forth ISDM's perspectives on areas including Development Management, Pedagogy etc.

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Transition of Impact Economies – A Global Overview

The growth of a vibrant Impact Economy will be evidenced by business, investment, policy and consumption decisions that deliver tangible improvements in outcomes for people and the planet. The ISDM team worked together with GSG to bring out this report

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Emerging Challenges in the Post COVID Context

The study maps the challenges faced by rural communities in the aftermath of the COVID 19 outbreak and the disruption caused by the consequent countrywide lockdown. Conducted across 31 districts in 10 states over three months... 

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