Sri Harsha

Sri Harsha Dantuluri

Senior Graphic Design Associate, Communications & Engagement

A trained ethnographic researcher, Sri Harsha aims to document the complex stories of the world. Previously, he was a part of Vijayavahini Charitable Foundation, the Andhra wing of the Tata Trust. As a Communications Consultant, he tried to tell stories of change through documentary photography.
Sri Harsha would like to use documentary photography, filmmaking, ethnographic fiction, painting, illustrating and documentary animation to present his stories. He is interested in the politics of caste and its impact on the realm of cinema in Andhra Pradesh.
Sri Harsha has a BS-MS degree in Biology, from ISER Mohali. For his thesis year, he tried the multidisciplinary approach and tried to document the city of Chandigarh through the migrant lens. Later, at Ashoka University, he studied Humanities and Graphic Design.

Admission open for PGP-DM