Universal Human Values

At ISDM, we are committed to Development Management anchored in Universal Human Values for the largest social purpose. 

We are committed to the pursuit of EQUITY, JUSTICE, COMPASSION and COURAGE.


We are equitable.

We embrace your race.

We embrace your caste.

We embrace your class.

We embrace your nationality.

We embrace your gender.

We embrace your polity.

We embrace your ethnicity.

We embrace your language.

We embrace your faith.

We embrace your sexuality.

We embrace your potential.

We embrace democracy.


We love your patience and your impatience.

We love your successes and your failures.

We love your strengths and your vulnerabilities.

We love your kindness and your fears.

We love your wisdom and your follies.

We love you for all that you bring and hide.

We love you.

We are JUST.

We trust.

We are transparent.

We are sustainable.

We are truthful.

We dialogue.

We listen.

We share.

We thank.

We honour. 


We are resolute.

We are resilient.

We redesign.

We are curious.

We are regenerative.

We are open. 

We express principled outrage.

We learn.

We grow.

We are flawed.

We are vulnerable.

We feel pain.

We apologise.

We fail.

We overcome.

We win.

We celebrate.