Wellbeing in HEI

The Indian School of Development Management is participating in the Higher Education Initiative (HEI) of the 'The Wellbeing Project'. The HEI aims to support a shift in higher education programs that train people for the field of social change so that they value and incorporate inner wellbeing into the core of their programming and curriculum. It convenes key constituencies of the education sector in the social change field that are aligned with the intention of the program, host them in a learning journey where they explore and implement how to incorporate an inner wellbeing orientation into their curriculum and share ongoing learnings, and wrap a research and evaluation around their journey to help us all with the collective ongoing learning for the field more generally.

ISDM's engagement in the project is contributing towards building institutional and pedagogical prototypes of how can higher education initiatives cultivate a culture that is more human-centered grounded in foundational values of equity and compassion. The learning pedagogy at ISDM seeks to unlock the extraordinary potential of collaborative learning and innovation to address the complex challenges that the Indian social sector is engaging with.

The Higher Education Initiative helps higher education programs build inner wellbeing into the core of their programming and curriculum. Through the first cohort of HEI, ISDM has access to learning partners from across the globe. The first cohort of HEI initiative includes universities like,

The Wellbeing Project is a global initiative co-created with Ashoka, Esalen, Impact Hub, Porticus, the Skoll Foundation and Synergos. The key mandate of the initiative is to demonstrate how individual and organisational wellbeing can be cultivated, building credible research, hosting a community of global and regional organisations in learning and putting this into practice, and storytelling.