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Why Boards

Why Boards

Being a board member or advisor to an organisation enables individuals to contribute to the sector, leveraging their network, leadership skills and technical knowledge.

Why Women

Why Women

There has already been a significant growth of women at senior levels in the corporate sector, but there is still a lack in social impact organisations.

Why this Program

Why this Program

While expanding leadership potential for non-profit organisations, the program looks to provide participants networking opportunities with social impact organisations that align with their skill sets.

Program Objectives

  • social sector

    An understanding of the self in the context of the social sector

  • mentorship, shadowing and observation

    Enable and guide the participant through mentorship, shadowing and observation

  • Insights

    Insights into Board roles and responsibilities

  • Board /Advisory member

    Board/ Advisory member placements on social impact organisations

  • Structures and processes

    Structures and processes that improve Board governance

Who is it for?

  • Minimum 15 years experience in any professional corporate, academic, entrepreneurship sector

  • Desire to learn, serve and influence social impact organisations

  • An aspiration towards a Board role

  • Served in leadership positions and led organisations or built businesses or teams

What’s in it for you?

We understand that this calibre of leaders will appreciate time for reflection, assimilation and application, despite the demands on their time. The program design addresses both these aspects through immersive modules.

Board placements that match

Mentorship and support during the first
year to enable a smooth and fulfilling board experience

Equal emphasis on ensuring Founder /CEO readiness
to be able to induct and leverage new board

Curriculum developed by social impact
organisation governance expert, Aarti Madhusudan,
and delivered by sector leaders, practitioners and

Learning Journey

This is a blended program (virtual + in-person) comprising of 3 modules. At the end of the program, participants will be matched with social impact organisations that can leverage the specific skills and expertise that they bring to the table. The participants will be provided with mentorship support during their onboarding phase.

Each module offers:

Cross-functional curriculum

Cross-functional curriculum focusing on perspectives, tools and means of engagement on social impact organisation boards


Peer learning and experience-based exercises, case studies, discussions, group work, activities and role play

Interaction with sector leaders

Interaction with sector leaders and experts

Reflection and self-work

Reflection and self-work

Through the modules you will explore the social impact sector, and good governance in the context of a social impact organisations as below:

  • Module


    Social Impact Strategic Perspective & Understanding Self

    This module provides a strong understanding of the sector, sectoral challenges, founder’s journey, and strategic imperatives for the organisational leadership.

    Participants will also be able to reflect on their own motivations and aspirations that will enable them to be more conscious of their alignment to specific sub-sectors within the social impact space and how their experience and expertise could be well-suited to those.

  • Module


    Board Roles and Effectiveness

    This module will outline the role of a Board and the responsibilities associated with it both at the Board and the individual member level. It will also provide insights into the various types of Board role engagements aligned to the life stage of organisations.

  • Module


    Governance Mechanisms and Best Practices

    The module will cover aspects like a rotation policy, the work of Board positions and committees, conflict/ duality of interest policies, and Board development.

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