Data-Driven Social Transformation: Vision & Initiatives of CDSSI

| 27 January, 2024
Data-Driven Social Transformation: The Vision and Initiatives of CDSSI
Author Published: 06 February, 2024
Data-Driven Social Transformation: The Vision and Initiatives of CDSSI

CXOToday recently conducted an exclusive interview with Ravi Sreedharan, Founder and President of the Indian School of Development Management. The interview focused on the Centre for Data Science and Social Impact (CDSSI), shedding light on the centre’s vision and initiatives. CDSSI aims to revolutionize the social sector's approach to data by empowering Social Purpose Organizations (SPOs) to leverage the power of data science for greater and sustained impact.

The primary objective of CDSSI is to catalyze a transformative shift in how SPOs approach data, advocating for and raising awareness about the potential of data science. Through various initiatives, CDSSI plans to equip SPOs with the tools, infrastructure, and technology needed for effective data-driven decision-making. This includes the development of diagnostic tools, operating frameworks, and training modules to navigate the evolving landscape of data science.

Unlike focusing on developing analytical models, CDSSI aims to showcase possibilities through examples and use cases, emphasizing timely and relevant data utilization. The organization is also establishing a Knowledge Institute to curate large-scale data across Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), providing SPOs with accessible, high-quality information and data management tools.

Ravi highlighted the transformative opportunities presented by AI and ML in addressing pressing social issues in India, such as public health, skilling, agriculture, and gender equality. By advocating for the creation and dissemination of solutions, CDSSI aims to catalyze data science for social impact.

Ensuring active engagement and tangible benefits for the social purpose ecosystem is a core commitment for CDSSI. The organization plans to achieve this through research, convenings, collaboration, conversations, and workshops. CDSSI also emphasizes building communities of practice within the social purpose ecosystem, advancing the data maturity of organizations.

Recognizing the interdisciplinary nature of data science, CDSSI collaborates with experts from various fields to address complex social issues. The organization advocates for an interdisciplinary approach that bridges data scientists, social scientists, and other relevant experts. This collaborative ethos extends to CDSSI's internal strategy, engaging experts across social purpose leaders, academics, data scientists, and social scientists.

Looking ahead, CDSSI aims to expand its influence globally by evangelizing cutting-edge technologies, researching emerging trends, and sharing insights. The organization aspires to become a pivotal hub for developing impactful data science and analytics models for social change. With a dedication to continuous knowledge creation and dissemination, CDSSI seeks to lead conversations, shape practices, and drive the adoption of data and data science in the Indian development sector, contributing significantly to a data-driven ecosystem.

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