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PGP-DM Class of 2022-23 | CPSJ Research Fellowship 2022

ISDM is an institution founded to create, strengthen and establish Development Management, a domain that transcends the exclusive silos of ‘development perspectives’ and ‘management principles’. ISDM recognises the need to 'professionalise’ the Leading and Managing of Social Purpose Organisations (SPOs). The institution sees the development space as requiring the application of management disciplines that are unique and tailored to the scale of the sector. Management that doesn’t merely retrofit Business Management to development projects, but one that is born specifically from the coming together of the two crucial domains.

We have audacious ambitions to be an iconic, internationally renowned, praxis driven, autonomous institution that will be a fountainhead of knowledge for the domain of Development Management, with an objective to change the way SPOs are led and managed resulting in far greater and sustained impact of the billions of dollars and millions of people working in development.

Development Management

The Need

The social sector needs a trans-disciplinary approach that is cognisant of the need for systems thinking, collaboration, equity and participation. In this context, ISDM aims to develop a cadre of reflective, committed professionals.

What is Development Management?

A new discipline

Development sector professionals have to navigate uniquely non-linear complexities and processes, often across geographies and cultural contexts. Development management equips them with the skills to do this effectively.

Systems Thinking

To solve non-linear social problems

The non-linearity of impact pathways and unanticipated outcomes often surprises organisations and project managers. Through systems thinking, capacities can be built to appreciate and harness such emergent outcomes for widespread benefits.


The core of learning at ISDM

Students learn through problem based learning, group work and peer to peer interactions. ISDM imparts a collaborative approach to solving developmental issues.

Organisation Development

Nurturing institutions and talent

Students learn about the various aspects of organisational functioning in the development sector, from a clear mission, resources and people to processes, structures and learning.


Tackling Global Poverty

The SDGs are a global framework for governments to deal with the symptoms of poverty, the environmental and political crises facing the world today, and the causes. What do they mean in India?

Universal Human Values

Creating values based knowledge systems

Solving development issues requires a trans-disciplinary body of knowledge derived from Universal Human Values, that is cognisant of the need for systems thinking, collaboration, equity, justice, compassion and participation.

Behaviour Change

Behaviour Change

Behaviour change is an important component in development programmes. How can we improve the effectiveness of these programmes through new understandings of human behaviour emerging from behavioural economics?