Trisha Varma

Director, Global Knowledge Hub
English, Hindi, Spanish, French

Trisha comes from a background of market research & data analysis, market strategy, and marketing. She is the founder of a consulting company and previously worked with Procter & Gamble, first in India, then in Singapore. While she lives in Singapore, her heart continues to remain in India. Contributing in some shape and form to social development has been her long-standing desire, and, with ISDM, she hopes to be able to do both – be a part of the development sector in India. She has had some experience working for her alma mater’s social service league, and more recently, with a global marine conservation fund, a migrant workers support group, and an Indian coalition to fight the pandemic and drive change. When not working, she’s deeply engrossed in long chats with her pre-teen and teen, playing with the newest addition to the family of the 4-legged kind, reading, eating, travelling, trekking and organising vacations for family and friends (and herself)!

Admission open for PGP-DM