The ISDM Story

Identifying and bridging the gaps

ISDM's journey began in 2015, when the founders embarked on a quest to enhance leadership & management capabilities in the social sector. They uncovered a broad gap in the learning, practise and understanding of ‘Development Management’.


The People Behind ISDM

The Development Management Foundation (DMF) was incorporated as an outcome of discussions and deliberations among its four founders on the need to positively impact and engage with the Development Sector in India and the larger ecosystem of the sector...



ISDM’s growth and journey has been led by a board of esteemed and experienced advisors, who have guided us through the initial years. Our advisors bring a wealth of knowledge and decades of experience in management consulting, education, skill building,...


Pioneers of education

ISDM’s faculty are of great repute from diverse backgrounds, with vast interdisciplinary experience. ISDM offers 'pracademics' - a unique combination of practice and academics - through its world class faculty.


A diverse and passionate group of people

ISDM’s team represents the culture of the institution, and the social sector in India. We are inclusive and representative, and strive to truly embody the values of ISDM through our people.