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Sudarshan Rodriquez

Sudarshan Rodriguez facilitates the workshop on Radical Transformational Leadership at ISDM

Sudarshan is a development professional with multi-disciplinary backgrounds in disaster management, environmental sciences, environmental economics, policy, and environmental law.  Until recently he was Programme Director at Mahatma Gandhi Academy of Human Development (MGAHD) a center of the Tata Institute of social sciences, Mumbai located in Nagaland focusing on Livelihoods and Social Entrepreneurship.

He has since then worked in several locations with a range of civil society groups on inter-disciplinary aspects of natural resource and environmental management. He is passionate about demystifying knowledge, science, and technology and making it work for planetary and people’s well being and always stretches to engage with issues from multiple perspectives and a holistic frame that is ethical and just for both people and planet.                                               

Since 2010 Trained under Dr. Monica Sharma in the Conscious Full-Spectrum Response Approach, a transformational leadership approach based on universal values and ethic developed & created by her based on extensive experience in the application of various methods for tangible results for people’s development worldwide.

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