Longitudinal study with ISDM Alumni

ISDM is committed to building leadership and management practices in organisations which are grounded in universal human values and embody ways of being, thinking, doing and learning informed by the systems approach. ISDM aims to facilitate the creation of a community of professional leaders and managers for the social sector. These professional leaders and managers will make a significant difference to the impact, scale, relevance and sustainability of organisations working for the betterment of society and enhancement of quality of life for all.

Through the study ISDM continues to engage with each cohort of PGP-DL graduates towards nurturing continued reflective practice and learning towards co-creating a body of knowledge which is informed by their practice and evolves with their engagement. With this vision in mind, the ISDM Knowledge and Research Centre is launching a longitudinal study with ISDM alumni to learn from the impact trajectories of leaders having gone through transformative learning experiences in early years of their engagement with the sector akin to that of the PGP-DL. The study shall build insights into the nature of challenges, opportunities and constraints encountered by leaders and managers in their journeys of 'becoming' and 'doing'.

ISDM Alum are currently engaged with the full spectrum of organisations in the Development Sector including voluntary organisations, corporate social responsibility entities, social enterprises, not-for-profit NGOs and Companies, funding organisations, social impact investors, etc. So far more than 120 students from across the country have journeyed with us through the PGP-DL programme. The study spans over a 15-year period towards creating unparalleled knowledge on leadership trajectories of professionals who have experienced Development Management education.

Our aim is to create evidences and literature on the trajectory of leaders and managers in the Indian social sector. The study uses mixed methods design to draw qualitative and quantitative insights into the journey of ISDM alumni. WE have launched the first stage of the study with an online survey form available here

Highlights of the study!

  • Release of study reports every 3 years on Leadership trajectories of ISDM Alumni
  • Annual features on leadership journeys of ISDM Alumni sharing stories of challenges, learning needs, practice innovations towards transformative change.
  • Research Design that accommodates for shifting needs and life circumstances of Development Leaders and Managers over time

Contribute to the Study!

Take this 30 minutes survey as your contribution towards building a Body of Knowledge on Development Leadership and Management.

Participate in the qualitative study that probes further into the leadership trajectories of ISDM Alumni. Write to us at research@isdm.org.in to participate in the study.