Arghyam: A Praxis on Regenerating a Groundwater Civilisation

Arghyam, which started as a funding organisation, has evolved into being an influential voice in the water ecosystem. In the present (2022), it works with a network of organisations on water security solutions across the country. Through exploring Arghyam’s shifts in its strategic approach, the case study engages with the challenges of dealing with the complexity of the water sector in India and what it takes for philanthropy to sustain commitment to a singular cause. Arghyam’s most recent pivot commenced in 2018, when it decided to focus on supporting strategic levers of scale that could significantly benefit from digital technology use.

This pivot was based on its past experience but nonetheless required realignment within the organisation with new modes of engagement, enhanced operational capabilities and talent requirements.

While Arghyam recognises the need for strengthening scalable solutions, organisationally it continues to remain compact and lean. This case study shows that the most complex of problems do not necessarily demand the biggest of organisational resources: it requires thoughtful and timely deployment of limited resources. This demands a level of intentionality and strategic agility that can test the mettle of any organisation, least of all a philanthropic one.

Arghyam: A Praxis on Regenerating a Groundwater Civilisation Image
Admission open for PGP-DM