Atma: Education, Inclusion and Acceleration

Since its inception in 2007, Atma, an “accelerator” for education NGOs in India, has been providing strategic consulting and capacity building services to non-profits and voluntary organisations in the education sector. This case study traces the journey of Atma, the core strengths of this organisation and the support it has provided to the ecosystem of education NGOs in India.
Atma has a team of young and qualified professionals, most of whom have made a shift from their corporate careers to the development sector. The case explores this trend and attempts to understand the motivation behind such crossovers. Notably, Atma also runs a volunteering programme placing skilled professionals from the private sector into its partner NGOs where their management experience can contribute effectively to the organisational development and growth potential of these partner organisations. The way these partners have benefitted from such a collaboration with Atma draws attention to a critical need of small and mid-size NGOs in India: that of capacity building support to enable them to mobilise their resources and develop capabilities to be able to deal with any roadblocks on their path of development work.

Atma: Education, Inclusion and Acceleration Image
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