Danamojo: Sustaining a Relational Platform

This case study takes the reader through the journey of Dhaval Udani and danamojo, a social enterprise founded by Dhaval in 2016, that is looking to harness digital technology to expand the space of charitable giving between individuals and nonprofits in India. In so doing, it is also trying to strengthen its underlying idiom: that of trust, transparency and commitment. danamojo is representative of an emerging breed of organisations, and individuals behind them, that are trying to bring highly specialised expertise in a form relevant to civil society at large without  affecting its core ethos.
The case is unusually detailed for a seven-year-old organisation.

But in detailing the motivations of its founder, the digital platform that danamojo has built, the challenges of sustaining quality with thin resources, and the pressures of nurturing a culture centred on integrity, the case seeks to highlight that it takes much more than a sound idea, funds and expertise to sustain an enterprise that is relevant and delivers value day on day. In the case of danamojo, it is the likes of diligence and determination, integrity and intensity, creativity and commitment that have been the source of its real enterprise value.

Danamojo: Sustaining a Relational Platform	 Image
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