Good Business Lab: Designing for Wellbeing

This case study engages with the journey of Good Business Lab (GBL), a non-profit registered in Bengaluru in 2017 that today has offices across India, as well as the USA and Latin America. Good Business Lab aims to apply research to steer businesses (primarily in labour-intensive industries such as manufacturing), to invest in the wellbeing of their workers. Through its ability to marry rigorous research techniques to its concerted intent to strike the balance between business and worker, GBL today occupies a notable niche within the Indian social sector ecosystem.
The case study explores the experience of GBL, which now includes almost 100 full-time employees, in designing an organisation to operate at these edges and involving talent across different locations. For a young organisation with a strong research and academic focus, GBL has paid unusually detailed attention to how it works within, how it can sustain itself and, in particular, how it can integrate lessons of the central conceptual strand of its research—wellbeing—into its own organisational precepts and practice.

Good Business Lab: Designing for Wellbeing Image
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