Komal Bhadana

Komal Bhadana

Associate, Program (Research)

Komal is a public introvert and private extrovert who is always curious to learn from people and loves connecting dots through conversations and self-reflection. She truly believes in Paulo Coelho's quote- “When you really want something the whole universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” Being from a small village of Haryana, her strong interest in the development sector emerged from witnessing some experiential problems that people face in small villages like her.

Believing on being the change one wants to see in the world, she worked for a year on grassroots to improve the maternal and child healthcare of the villagers in Madhya Pradesh through community interventions and closely working with Government stakeholders. She graduated with a degree of B.Com (H) from Shri Ram College of Commerce in 2021 and then immediately joined the Young India Fellowship from Ashoka University.

She began her journey in social projects through exposure in college societies like NSS and Vittshala which got further deepened with working in organizations like Breakthrough, Consult for Humanity and The Antara Foundation. Her hobbies include listening to podcasts, reading nonfiction, watching Disney movies, planning and ideating little tasks and presenting her upbeat self to friends and family.