Meet Priyanka Chhaparia

Priyanka Chhaparia


Priyanka has been a part of projects across diverse areas. Some of which are focused on business and human rights, responsible value chain, and also the apparel and textile sector.
Priyanka is a passionate champion of sustainable development and takes a keen interest in responsible business, corporate social responsibility, and knowledge generation. She has designed and taught Sociology courses, with a focus on sustainable development. An active member of the academic community, Priyanka has presented at numerous conferences and contributed to various publications.
Priyanka has a Bachelor’s in Economics from University of Delhi, and a Master’s degree in Development Studies from Gautam Buddha University. She also has a PhD from IIT Kanpur. Priyanka’s doctoral thesis focused on qualitative inquiry into the CSR initiatives of pharmaceutical foundations.

Admission open for PGP-DM