Meet Simrita Kaur Takhtar

Simrita Kaur Takhtar


Simrita has been an educator in various capacities for 10+ years. A teacher, trainer and an education consultant are some of the roles that she has held over the years.
Simrita has taught history, social and political life to middle and secondary schoolers. She is adept at developing, implementing, and monitoring curriculum for early and primary students, in private and government schools. Simrita has trained teachers and school leaders; and has worked extensively with stakeholders across the Education sector. She has authored learning documents and strategy notes on implementing the NIPUN Bharat mission for state governments.
Simrita has a Master’s in History from Delhi University, and a Master’s in Education from Azim Premji University.
Her personal interests include fostering cats and reading children’s books. Simrita aspires to be a zero-waster.