Meet Vinita Yadav

Vinita Yadav

Senior Associate, Admissions and Outreach

Vinita is a dedicated Health and Applied Psychology professional with a rich background spanning over 5 years. Her career journey prominently features collaborations with CARE India, where she contributed significantly to various UNDP projects.

During her tenure, Vinita played a pivotal role in providing essential health and psychological counseling services to youth and adolescents. Her responsibilities extended to projects aimed at capacity building, implementing youth-focused interventions in schools and communities, and acting as a crucial liaison with government bodies like ICDS and district officials for project review and planning.

In her prior role, Vinita served as a compassionate Counselor, focusing on diverse areas such as career guidance, life skills development, addressing behavioral issues, conflict resolution, and nurturing a positive and progressive mindset.

Admission open for PGP-DM