Emerging trends in social entrepreneurship development

by Admin | 3 January, 2024
Emerging trends in social entrepreneurship development
Author by ISDM | Published: 03 January , 2024
Exploring Emerging Trends in Social Entrepreneurship Development

In a world where the role of entrepreneurship extends beyond economic growth, recognizing its pivotal contribution to societal development is imperative. As the younger generation seeks dynamic and creative roles, the prominence of small businesses and start-ups in shaping both economies and career paths becomes increasingly evident.

ISDM Graduates: Catalysts for Change in Social Entrepreneurship

Within this evolving landscape, social entrepreneurship emerges as a transformative force challenging traditional profit-driven models. Notable among these change-makers are ISDM alumni, exemplified by Karn Singh and Sandeep Kumar. Their journeys underscore the potential of social entrepreneurship to bring about meaningful change from within.

Karn Singh: Oorja Sustainable Solutions LLP

Karn Singh, an alumnus from the PGP DM Batch of 2018-19, is the founder of Oorja Sustainable Solutions LLP in Chandigarh. In the throes of the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, Karn Singh's social enterprise took center stage. Collaborating with community organizations and care facilities, his venture distributed essential supplies to those in need. Karn Singh's journey epitomizes the immediate and positive impact that can occur when profit aligns with community welfare.

Sandeep Kumar: DigiSwastya Foundation

Similarly, Sandeep Kumar, a graduate from the PGP DM Batch of 2020-21, co-founded DigiSwastya Foundation. This innovative telemedicine platform addresses healthcare gaps in Sant Nagar, Uttar Pradesh, providing online consultations through smartphones and electronic devices. Sandeep Kumar's venture underscores the role of technology in bridging accessibility and affordability gaps in healthcare, embodying the ethos of social entrepreneurship.

The success stories of Karn and Sandeep underscore the unique approach of The Indian School of Development Management (ISDM). The PGP DM program at ISDM not only imparts essential management skills but also instills a mindset that extends beyond traditional boundaries. Tailored courses on Strategic Innovation of Social Change, Technology and Management, Social Enterprise, and Impact with Scale and Sustainability empower students to reflect on existing processes and develop sustainable solutions to societal challenges.

The Pivotal Role of Social Entrepreneurs as Change Agents

As Gregory Dees, often hailed as the 'Father of Social Entrepreneurship Education,' outlines, social entrepreneurs play a pivotal role as change agents. This role involves adopting a mission to create and sustain social values, pursuing new opportunities aligned with that mission, engaging in continuous innovation, and demonstrating accountability to the constituencies served.

Unpacking Emerging Trends in Social Entrepreneurship Development

For aspiring social entrepreneurs, staying abreast of emerging trends is crucial. Here are some noteworthy trends shaping the landscape:

1. Public-Private Community Partnerships

Social innovation thrives when efforts from social purpose organizations (SPOs), the government, and the community converge. Ineffective initiatives often overlook community involvement, hindering inclusivity. Social entrepreneurs, like those trained at ISDM, recognize the importance of active participation from all stakeholders to create sustainable solutions.

2. Creating Shared Value

Creating shared value involves maximizing economic growth alongside social progress. Social entrepreneurs must focus on community needs, expanding the framework to enhance mutual and social gain. By sharing created value, social enterprises contribute to the overall wealth of knowledge and expertise.

3. Increased Impact Investing

As the focus shifts to sectors like healthcare, education, conservation, and renewable energy, impact-based investments gain prominence. Social entrepreneurs are exploring blended fund portfolios that not only yield financial returns but also address social and environmental needs, promoting efficiency in resource allocation.

4. Promise of Technology Adoption

In an era where technology plays a transformative role, social entrepreneurship embraces the potential of technology adoption. ISDM recognizes the significance of technology in solving social challenges, offering courses that empower students to leverage technology for self-sufficiency, employability, and opportunity creation.

Your Gateway to Becoming a Change Agent

The dynamic realm of social entrepreneurship demands continuous learning and adaptation. ISDM stands as a guide for aspiring social entrepreneurs, providing the knowledge, tools, and skills needed to create a profound impact in the social sector. The Post Graduate Program in Development Management offered by ISDM is designed to equip individuals with a thorough understanding of development ideas and management concepts, responding to the ever-evolving societal needs.

Shaping the Future of Social Entrepreneurship with ISDM

As the world witnesses the transformative power of social entrepreneurship, ISDM remains a beacon for those seeking to become change agents. The journey with ISDM goes beyond traditional education, offering a unique blend of management and social development concepts. Aspiring social entrepreneurs equipped with ISDM's insights and skills are poised to not only navigate emerging trends but also contribute meaningfully to societal well-being. Join ISDM, and be a part of the movement that shapes the future of social entrepreneurship.


Social entrepreneurship involves creating and sustaining social value, not just private value. Social entrepreneurs recognize opportunities to serve a social mission and engage in continuous innovation. ISDM’s Post Graduate Program in Development Management (PGP-DM) nurtures individuals, encouraging them to lead innovativation and create sustainable solutions.

Social entrepreneurs face challenges such as resource limitations, the need for continuous innovation, and accountability to the communities they serve. ISDM's PGP-DM fosters a mindset focused on equity and dignity in addressing societal issues.

Innovation is crucial in social entrepreneurship as it drives continuous adaptation and learning. ISDM’s PGP-DM emphasizes courses on Strategic Innovation for Social Change, to keep up th innovation quotient the students, high.

Emerging trends include Public-Private Community Partnerships, Creating Shared Value, Increased Impact Investing, and the Promise of Technology Adoption. ISDM’s PGP-DM prepares aspiring social entrepreneurs to stay informed and aligned with these evolving trends.

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