Muthu Kumaran

Muthu Kumaran

M.Tech, College of Engineering, Guindy
M.A Globalisation and Labour, TISS

A civil engineer by education, a human geographer, a transdisciplinary development professional by choice, and a leadership coach by training and practice. Been a consultant and coach since 2013 for various programmes in the domains of education, organisational development, disaster management, ecology, gender, disability, policy and governance, citizen science, project planning and management including monitoring and evaluation.
As the Founder of RTL-Academy had the privilege of building an organization to foster agency and ethical leadership, certify practitioner coaches of Radical Transformational Leadership worldwide and deliver transdisciplinary training integrating STEAM, value-based project design, and Radical Transformational Leadership for institutes and organisations. 

Workshop - Radical Transformational Leadership (RTL)

Admission open for PGP-DM